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Experienced, Reliable, Affordable. Major League results in multiple disciplines, from concept through completion.

Joe Neugs Art Resume

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Computer Programs

Photoshop - Illustrator - InDesign - Dreamweaver - Premiere - Sketchup - Layout - AutoCAD - Excel - MS Word - Sony Vegas - Sony Acid Music Studio - PowerSeek SQL - Corel Painter - ZBrush

Abbreviated Skills Summary

Art Direction - Design Drawings and Solutions - Concept Design - Illustration - Hand Drafting - Sculpting - Props - Scenic Art - Casting / Molding -  Scratch Building Models - Prop Management  - Graphic Design - Show Writing - AV Editing - Basic .Html Web Design - Creative Direction

Art Direction


My adventures in Art Direction have found me both out in the field, as well at the center of design meetings for companies large and small. I've art directed themed lands, attractions, queues, displays for resorts, vacation rental properties, trade show booths, video games/films for 5d theaters, and more. My complex understanding of color, design, illusion, and site-lines makes for an always-memorable themed space or experience.

Illustration & Concept Art


My core training in the fine arts began with my Illustration degree from Ringling College in Sarasota, and has been the basis of my layout and storytelling approach to art and design. Most recently, I've completed dozens of illustrations, concept art pieces, & storyboards for BRPH Architects and ITEC Entertainment, most of which is unfortunately still under NDA. I'm equally comfortable with a pencil or working digitally, with a variety of programs.

Attraction & Set Design


A themed attraction and set designer has to think from a variety of perspectives. A draftsman, illustrator, modeler, carpenter, writer... and most importantly, a guest. Pretty work is not enough, nor is innovation on its own. Precise draftsmanship is only a part of the story. To create a truly amazing environment, one thing tops all others: An inherent understanding of how the guest will feel when in the space. The designer should be a magician.

Prop Management, Props, Scenic Art

I've worked as Prop Master / Manager for major theme parks, and my props and scenic work have been seen in every major theme park in Central Florida. Although I spend most of my time behind the Cintiq or drawing table these days, I love creating tangible work for guests to experience firsthand. For me, this ability & understanding is of paramount importance to being a complete theme park designer.

Graphic Design - Show Writing - Creative Direction and more!

My Graphic Design work has included everything from packaging, to business and entertainment websites, to attraction detailing and posters for major theme parks. I've also written scripts for trade shows, attraction pre-shows and entire attractions. On top of this, I've spent much time as Creative Director for companies including Alterface USA.

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